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Excellent doctors and staff; very courteous, friendly, and pleasant. I have always had problems with getting the correct prescription for my eyes, so I decided to try a private practice instead of a commercial chain. I have been to Target Optical, LensCrafters, and Walmart over the past few years and no doctor has left me with being able to see right. They just kept changing my prescription and I was getting very frustrated and not trusting doctors. I decided to try IlluminEyes and my problem was finally discovered. Dr. Daldine discovered I had cataracts and I had something else going on and I needed to work on that before I could be referred to an eye surgeon for the cataracts. He also told me that since I have a very high prescription, the surgery would make a significant difference in the changing of my prescription. I finally had the surgery and WOW what a difference. My eyes are healthy and I can see!! I have discovered a valuable lesson through this experience. I need to think about the value of service I will get from a small business owner, than a corporate chain that is only interested in the bottom line. A small business owner provided me a personalized service and genuine care. This brought back memories of when I was young. I remember my parents taking me to a local Optometrist and there was never a question on our service. As a middle aged adult, I have learned how valuable this kind of service is. I am very happy, I have found my eye doctor, a small family business, and will continue my eye exams here.

- Vicki J., Google Reviewer