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Dr. Ronald Douville

Dr. Ronald Douville in Nashua, NH

Dr. Ron Douville is a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Optometry and is one of the pioneer optometrists in southern New Hampshire. He has been providing comprehensive vision care services to Merrimack and surrounding communities for 41 years. Dr. Douville is well known by his patients and colleagues for his friendly and personable demeanor and experienced care.

In 2018, as he gets ready for semi-retirement, Dr. Douville has combined his life-long practice in Merrimack with our office in Nashua. His patients can look forward to continued care at this new location. He plans on seeing patients one day per week, allowing him plenty of time to enjoy some some well deserved downtime.

Dr. Douville has recently moved to his home in Maine where he and his wife Ellie will be enjoying coastal life. Together they enjoy boating, kayaking, and reading (one of his latest books was about quantum physics!) Dr. Douville is also a skilled tour guide- Drs. Chris and Patty got a chance to see this unique skill in action as they were hosted by Dr. Douville around his new hometown