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  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Contact Lens Recycling Program

Contact lens products in Nashua, NHOur new contact lens recycling program is for daily disposable lenses. When patients separate their daily disposable packs from the foil tops and bring in a grocery bag full of them (separate bags for foil top and plastic packs) from their year supply we will reward them with a $30 credit for doing good for the environment! The foil top and the blister pack needs to be separated and in separate bags. The used lenses don’t need to be recycled, but if they want to they can place them with the plastic blister packs.

Patient Referral Program

We offer $25 credits for referring new patients to the practice. Both the new patient and the referring patient get the credit placed on their file.


Following the CDC and the American Optometric Association recommendation, we will not be doing routine/wellness eye exams until further notice.

Our staff remains in the office. CALL US 603-598-1620 with any questions.

New Hours are Mon-Friday 9-5

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If you are out of contact lenses and need to order – call our office or click HERE to order a replacement supply and directly ship to your house.

If you have lost or broken your glasses – call our office.

If you need an adjustment or a repair on your glasses – call our office to schedule an appointment.