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I have 3 kids that are low vision. We have seen MANY eye doctors over the years. As my oldest son is of an age where he desperately is seeking independence (and needing) more independence. I found myself researching options to help him improve his vision… even if by only a small percentage, the slightest improvement in his vision can help him in his day to day life. We have been patients of Boston Childrens, Umass Medical and countless other local opthamologist. We have had good eye doctors and mediocre eye doctors and not so good eye doctors. I always felt like my kids were pre determined products, their label says “uncorrectable vision” so we do the exam, tell them things are stable, send on their way and rebook for a year out. Never did I receive anything but “sorry there is nothing we can really do.” Its the most defeating process, you pray and hope there are some improvements in science that may possibly help your kids, 19 years into low vision, no real advancements. Try telling a 19, 16 and 13 year old, sorry kids mom and dad will forever be driving you to work or taking you to the store because according to the doctors nothing exist to help YOU. I have done loads of research and spoken to so many doctors, barely being heard. When I met Dr. Daldine my immediate impression – well after about 15 mins of chatting with him was that not only did he listen, he heard me. He didn’t think it was odd that I read on a facebook networking group what one mom in a similar situation as me tried for her kids with the same condition. He was kind, compassionate and patient with my 19 year old who isn’t the most enthusiastic or positive patient. After 19 years of disappointments he has a negative attitude and not hopeful that anything will ever help him. Dr. Daldine was not only easy for my son to relate too but he also explained things in a way we both could understand. He was honest, in that there were no guarantees or promises that he would be able to make huge improvements with his vision but he was willing to take the time and put in the effort as long as my son was. We have now seen Dr Daldine 3 times in about 3.5 months. Another appointment coming up. I am as impressed after 3 visits as I was the first visit. He goes above and beyond, even offering to come in on his time off so your time with him is not pressured by an upcoming appointment. His staff is pleasant and patient. We are huge fans and give the entire office 5 huge stars. Once we get through these initial appointments with our oldest we will move our next two over to Dr. Daldine.

-Lisa, Google Review 2022

Everyone is very efficient and friendly, I feel very confident that they provide the best care
2 days ago
- Rick S.
Dr. Samuel, Dr. Daldine, and the rest of the staff at IlluminEyes are all wonderful. Very kind and thorough/have never made me feel rushed. I switched to this office a few years ago after many years going to the same eye doctor in my hometown because I wanted something closer to home, and I'm glad I did.
1 week ago
- Julia M.
I had a great visit, the Dr taught me neat things
2 weeks ago
- Echo E.
This office is great and I had a fabulous first experience there. The staff is friendly and my appointment was on time. Dr. Samuel was professional and thorough. We had a pleasant conversation and she answered all of my questions. I have found my new home for vision care.
4 weeks ago
- Todd P.
Very knowledgeable. Great experience, would recommend highly.
4 weeks ago
- Bob F.
This is a very professional and personable optometrist office. You'll like the staff and the state of the art equipment that they use to give you the best information to help you. Give them a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
1 month ago
- Gary L.
Always the best experience! While I see and love Dr Samuel, I have friends and family who see Dr Daldine and Dr Douville. Starting my visit with Ashlee and ending with Kristin makes it the perfect visit. Highly recommend!!
1 month ago
- Becky D.

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