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Our Eye Care Team

Nashua’s friendliest eyecare team

From our comfortable reception area with an HD TV, to your exam pre-testing, to your exam with the doctor, to choosing your new eye glasses, our eye care team will try to make your customer experience seamless and enjoyable.
Routine eye care is an important part of your overall preventive healthcare. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, and early detection can be critical in preserving vision. The AOA recommends annual eye exams for nearly everyone.

The field of optometry is constantly changing, and our doctors and staff work to stay at the forefront of new techniques, products, and treatments for eye conditions.

At IlluminEyes Vision Care our focus is always on serving you!



Brendan is an ABO certified optician and registered speaker. He has worked for over 25 years, in optical labs, dispensaries and offices. Brendan believes opticians affect every aspect of their patients lives, from the moment they put on a pair of glasses in the morning to start the day, to the moment they take them off to sleep. Brendan’s utmost focus has always been compassion for patients and customers, and their desire to see their world clearly in order to enjoy their lives.


Office Manager

I grew up right outside Boston and moved up to New Hampshire in 2009 to be closer to my husbands work. We have three pretty awesome kids – two girls and a boy, ages 9, 4, and 2. I love cooking for my family and friends. I love spending as much time with my husband and kids as possible. I enjoy watching all Boston sports teams play – the Bruins & Patriots are my favorite though! In summer months, I enjoy taking my girls up to the lake and teaching them how to fish. I started here with Dr. Steadman back in 2010 as a technician. Over the years, I was also the optician, and I am currently our billing person and office manager. I enjoy the working in the optical industry because it makes me feel good when we fit someone with a pair of glasses or contacts and they can see the way they are supposed to knowing that I had a hand in either teaching them how to use contacts or helping them select a frame that they love.


Technician / Front Desk

Grew up in Lowell but recently moved into her first house in Tyngsboro. Currently spends all the time she can with her rescued lab mix named Bailey and is looking to rescue as many dogs as she can. She’s fairly new to the optometric world but eager to learn everything she can, and she likes to learn all of the strange fun facts about the human eye. Haley loves finding ways to improve in her position and can’t wait to further her education. When one of the Drs say “I cant figure out how to get this computer to work” Haley or Vanessa is their rescuer.

Ana Paula

Technician / Front Desk

Ana Paula is our pre-optometry intern at the practice. She is completing her undergraduate studies in Mass and working part time in the field of optometry before she goes to optometry school. Ana and her husband enjoy living near Boston so they can enjoy all the cities amenities. You may see Ana in with Dr Daldine shadowing him for her upcoming career. Ana Paula can also speak Portuguese and Spanish.



Kristin grew up in Beverly, Massachusetts, until 1983, her family moved to San Jose, California. She began my optical career just out of school, working for a private Optometrist. Here she trained in the fitting of both contact lenses and glasses, as well as learning what an important role fashion plays in this industry. Although she loved being a “California Girl”, she returned home to New England after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake devastated her community. In Massachusetts, Kristin continued her optical training, earning an ABO certification and becoming a Licensed Dispensing Optician in 1994.

Kristin lives in New Hampshire with her husband, son and 2 cats. She loves cooking, bird-watching and being a parent- which never ends! Kristin loves movies and music- just try to keep her off the dance floor! Beware if we’re out and they have Karaoke- you’ve been warned! Kristin also has an amazing garden in the summer-time and would rather be outside than in on any day! She does not like home decorating. She would never live anywhere that doesn’t have a coastline, as there is nothing nicer than a walk on a beach at sunset. “I really love what I do for a living.”

Although Kristin has worked in both small, private practices as well as the large retailers/big box stores, “I have truly found my home here at IlluminEyes Vision Care, where establishing excellent patient relationships is at the core of our culture.” She enjoys being a part of your entire eye wear experience. “There’s not just one pair of eyeglasses waiting for you here, there are many and I would love to help you find the perfect ones!”


Technician / Front Desk

Vanessa is our most seasoned newer employee who helped train Haley and Ana Paula. We are very excited for her as she just had her first baby girl in 2016! Vanessa likes to spend time with her and her husbands family and church. When one of the Drs say “I cant figure out how to get this computer to work” Haley or Vanessa is their rescuer. Vanessa can also speak Portuguese and Spanish.