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Our Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye Exams in Nashua

Chris Exam 1The cornerstone of IlluminEyes Vision Care is providing each patient with a comprehensive eye exam.  Many people tend to wait until they have vision problems before having an examination.  But vision testing and correction is only a small part of what we do.  The health, integrity, and overall function of your eyes are all very important, and we screen for anything that may be a potential problem.

All children should have their first full eye exam at our Nashua practice prior to kindergarten to ensure that their eyes are healthy and working normally, and all adults should have exams every one or two years.  All people who wear contact lenses have diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or other health conditions should have annual eye exams. We give every patient the time and attention they deserve, and they take the time to get to know you, so that your experience in our office, from checking in, to checking out with exciting new glasses or contact lenses, is the best doctor's office experience you've ever had!

We provide comprehensive eye exams for our neighbors in Hudson NH.

Why a Routine Eye Exam Is an Important Part of Maintaining Healthy Vision

Eye doctor giving an eye exam in Nashua, NHWhen men and women think about their health and well-being, they often do not even think about the shape that their eyes are in. But the eyes are relied upon more intensively than virtually any other part of the human body. Due to the fact that this is so, it is extraordinarily critical that you maintain the healthfulness of your eyes in order that you can persist to count on them to get you through the day. Of course, there are many ways to deal with taking care of your sight, but the single most imperative thing you should do is book a regular eye examination in Nashua.

It doesn't matter who you are or what your age is, a regular eye exam will go a long way towards safeguarding that your sight stays clear and healthy. Our eye doctors in Nashua provide patients with a full assessment that includes many of the tests we will focus on below. If you have not been to the eye doctor in more than a year, make a meeting for an eye exam as soon as possible. So, let's consider a number of the items that an eye doctor evaluates during the course of your examination, and what your optometrist will do to remedy the problem.

What tests are included in a complete eye exam?

One of the first things that an optometrist will seek during the course of your eye examination is refractive error. Refractive error relates to an imprecision in the way that the eye fixates on light. The final outcome of a refractive error is a reduction of visual acuity (i.e. acuteness or quality of vision). In the event of a minor refractive error, patients sometimes elect to leave the situation as is. However, if the condition infringes on the patient's capacity to execute their everyday activities, then action ought to be taken. During your eye exam, the optometrist will diagnose the issue and lay out the alternatives for the patient. In most cases, a refractive error will be treated be wearing eyeglasses or contacts. In more serious instances, the patient will decide to have refractive surgery. This can all be clarified further by your experienced optometrist in the course of your eye examination.

Eye Doctors diagnoses and Treating Eye Disease

An additional thing to consider is the fact that the eye may be susceptible to various disorders, similar to every other part of the body. Many people have heard of the most standard ailments of the eye, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. As these illnesses usually manifest no indicators in their early stages, it is essential that you consider a practical plan to prevent these disorders. This may only be accomplished by going to an arranged meeting to have your eye exam. The eye doctor will have the ability to check for diseases like glaucoma so that you can take the appropriate steps to eradicate the disease before it gets any more severe. Although these illnesses are more commonly diagnosed in more mature individuals, it is necessary to keep in mind that there is still a possibility for eye disease to occur at an earlier age.

There are a number of other issues that your eye doctor will be checking for during the course of your eye exam. For instance, the eye condition called Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is exemplified by its insufficient sight in an eye that would, in different circumstances, be considered normal. Caused by an inadequate stimulation of vision by the optic nerve to the brain, this condition could be exacerbated if it is not dealt with promptly by an optometrist. Your eye doctor will also look for Strabismus, an additional eye ailment where the eyes do not successfully coordinate. This issue hinders the patient's ability to accomplish depth perception, and because of this ought to be diagnosed by an optometrist swiftly.

In addition, it is essential that the contrast is established when comparing a basic vision screening and an extensive eye examination. Many individuals think that by having a nurse or primary care physician carry out a vision screening they are maintaining a suitable standard of eye health care. What they do not grasp, however, is the fact that the vision screening might just provide for the reading of letters of a chart which vary in size. After considering the several additional tests and inspections that have been examined above, anyone will understand that the vision screening does not diagnose the other various health problems and ailments that you may develop. So, by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam at IlluminEyes in Nashua on an annual basis, you can see to it that your eyes continue to be protected

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