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Awareness of Diabetic Retinopathy and Blindness For National Diabetes Month

Are you aware that diabetes is the main causal factor of impaired sight in adults of all ages? If not, you are not alone. Since 2008, over 4 million men and women in North America suffering from diabetes were found to have blindness caused by diabetes. Out of those tested,...

What is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)? Treatment in Nashua, NH

Amblyopia or lazy eye is the failure for central vision to develop appropriately caused by the inability of the eyes to work in unison. With most occurrences of lazy eye the actual eyes are usually in good health however the condition is not correctable by just the use of prescription...

Nashua, NH Eye Tests: What Does 20/20 Vision Really Mean?

  Have you ever asked yourself what 20/20 eyesight actually represents? 20/20 vision is a term used to describe normal visual acuity or sharpness of vision. In other words someone with 20/20 eyesight will be able to clearly see an object at a distance of 20 feet which is considered...

Contacts: A Real Self-Esteem Booster for Young Adults

No teen likes to be caught in something out of style, and for many adolescents, glasses often feel that way. Teenagers may balk at the idea of wearing eyeglasses and coming across ''nerdy''. Compared to eyeglasses, kids and teens that wear contact lenses feel a significant enhancement in their looks,...

Recognizing and Dealing with the Most Commonly Reported Eye Injuries

There are many different kinds of eye injuries that can occur, with varying degrees of severity. Some might necessitate emergency treatment and immediate care by an optometrist, while others can be taken care of at home. Follow these guidelines for typical eye injuries, to figure out your next step following...

Why We All Should Book a Routine Eye Examination

When we have eyes that are in good condition, it's common to forget about the importance of a routine eye exam. However, timely diagnosis of any eye or vision problems is necessary to keeping your eyes healthy. This can easily be done with an eye test. Many eye and vision...

Is it Wise to Purchase Glasses on the Internet?

In today's world, where a growing number of consumers are used to buying more and more products online, glasses are an item that you should consider purchasing in person. Why? Although you may encounter cheaper prices on e-commerce sites, the advantages of choosing an optical store far exceed the ''deals''...