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FAQs  of Vision Insurance Plans

Vision Discount Plan
Medical Insurance
(BCBS, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim)
Cost $104-$390 annually
($4-15/paycheck) + medical insurance premiums
Costs vary widely depending on employers, subsidies, coverages ($0-$800/m)
Wellness/Routine Exam + prescription for glasses

Annual Medical Eye Evaluation
(diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, headaches)

(may have a copay for glasses prescription)

Emergency Eye Care
(infection, injury, eyelid bumps, new flashes/floaters)

Prescription for Glasses,
Prescription for Contact Lenses

subject to co-pays

subject to co-pays

Contact Lens Materials Discount contacts approximately $100-$200
(depending on the plan)
Typically does not discount contacts
(join our EyeQ Club for discounts)
Eyeglasses or Sunglasses Discount glasses approximately 20-40%
(depending on the plan)
Typically does not discount glasses
(join our EyeQ Club for discounts)

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