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How much does my insurance cover? This will vary depending on your plan. Some plans cover a set dollar amount, some discount or cover certain options. We can have an optician go over that with you.

Will this frame last/hold up? All of our frames are warranted for 1 year against any and all defects. However, some frames may become discontinued by the manufacturer and need to be replaced with an similar but different frame, this is out of our control.

Can I make payments towards my new glasses? We are more than happy to work with you. All eyeglasses we sell are custom made, we cannot order them unless half is put down, and they cannot be dispenses until they are paid in full. We also take Care Credit as a no or low interest option for some patients.

Are you able to buff out or remove scratches from my lenses? No. If we were to have the surface polished to remove the scratches, it would change the curve on the lens, changing the prescription of the lens.

Can I get a specific brand of lens or coating? Yes. An advantage to being an independent optical is we have accounts with several different labs, so we can get almost any brand of lens or coating.

There is an issue with my insurance plan. Can you fix it for me? Unfortunately no. Your insurance is a contact between you and the insurance company. You, or the HR manager where you work are the only people your insurance will talk to regarding your plan details or any changes you want make/fix. We can review your benefits with you, but we cannot change them for you.

Why are there so many lens choices? Advancements in lens and lens processing technology have provided more options for materials and lens designs. Our opticians can discuss these options with you to help you understand, and get you the best lenses for your lifestyle.

Do I need to leave my frame with you if I am only getting new lenses? Most of the time, no. We can send a remote tracing of your frame to the lab and they can cut the shape of your lenses from that. However, there are some exceptions that would require us to send your frame to the lab directly.

What are ‘polarized’ sunglasses? How do they work? The polarized sunglass lenses decrease glare and reflection, while protecting your eyes from UV rays. This enables you to see more clearly. For instance, if your are looking at a lake, you see through the surface of the water instead of the reflection on the surface.

I currently wear bifocals, why would I need computer glasses? Just like a swiss army knife has a lot of functions, so do bifocals and progressives. However, computer glasses or computer type progressives are like having the perfect tool for the job. And with today’s lifestyles, more and more time is spent in front of a computer. Specific glasses for computer work will alleviate much of the eye and neck strain most people are getting.

Can I have my PD? Attaining your pd is a professional service we provide when purchasing glasses from us. For those who want to order glasses online, we do offer a 1 year service package for $50 which includes your PD, verifying your Rx and lenses were made correctly, and adjusting the frames on your head. Our opticians have gone through extensive training and continuing education to ensure your glasses perform the way they are intended to work.

How long will my order take? Your order will take between 7-10 business days (with some exclusions).

Do you offer any discounts? Yes. We offer a 10% senior citizen and veteran discount. We also offer discounts of 50% off lenses for 2nd pairs and different sales throughout the year. You can call or like our facebook page to keep up to date on these discounts.

Do I personally need to pick up my glasses or can I have someone pick them up for me?Technically, no you do not need to personally pick up your glasses. However, for your glasses to be adjusted to fit to you properly it is best for you to be the one who picks them up.

Does my warranty cover loss? No, your warranty does not cover loss. Your glasses are warranted against any and all defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. Your broken/defective frame must be sent back to the frame manufacturer.

Can I put new lenses in an old frame? Yes, you may put new lenses in an old frame if the optician thinks that the frame will last and that the lab will have no issues inserting new lenses.

Can you adjust my old frame? Yes, however, we will not be responsible for any breakage of an old frame that you have requested we adjust for you (unless you purchased the frame from us within the past year).