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Ocular Emergencies and Urgencies During COVID-19

We want to reassure all patients that your health is our utmost concern.  We will remain OPEN for OCULAR EMERGENCIES including but not limited to:

  • Trauma/eye injuries
  • Sudden loss in vision
  • Acute red eye
  • Painful eye/eyelid
  • New flashes/floaters
  • Pain with contact lenses

** If you are experiencing an ocular emergency after hours call us at 978-706-2020** (new office hours are M/W/F 10-2)


  • We will schedule a telemedicine consultation for you with one of the doctors through --> a link will be texted/emailed with your telehealth appointment time information.
    • You will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone with video and audio capabilities.
    • Please have a list of your current medications ready.
    • During your consultation, the doctor will then determine if they can sufficiently treat remotely or if it is necessary to see you in person.