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Is it Wise to Purchase Glasses on the Internet?

In today's world, where a growing number of consumers are used to buying more and more products online, glasses are an item that you should consider purchasing in person. Why? Although you may encounter cheaper prices on e-commerce sites, the advantages of choosing an optical store far exceed the ''deals'' you might find on the Web.

One of the best reasons for purchasing your glasses at an eye wear store is that you have a qualified optician to advise you in your selection. Our opticians can walk you through the numerous considerations you will account for in purchasing the right pair of eyeglasses. If you order online, you forgo the specialized input of an optician.

Because the shape of your head and eyes is unique, it is difficult to find the best fit for glasses without first testing them on your face. An eye doctor will consider your measurements and choose a pair of glasses that are a good match and won't hinder your comfort. Glasses that are too small tend to pinch the sides of your head, while those that are too large can fall off your nose. Online optical stores may give tips, but it is challenging to try and fit yourself.

Even more than the comfort and alignment of your glasses, good eyesight requires correct PD measurement. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the truest vision, making it crucial to accurately calculate the distance between your pupils, or PD. It can be complicated to determine your own PD, but without it, your lenses won't be placed properly in the frames.

Yes, online buying may be great for other types of commodities, but in the case of glasses you're better off staying with your regular optometric center where you are able to get glasses that are most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.


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